With the Melbourne Cup Carnival fast approaching I know that many of you will be on the search for a rare headpiece that turns heads. We’ve been swooning at all the amazing spring collections being released by milliners Australia wide, but Taboo Millinery’s designs have taken my breath away. Delicate details and handmade adornments are mesmerizing and leave you with a feeling of admiration and wonderment. Each piece is loving created by the extremely talented Zorza Goodman. Not only is she sought after for her millinery, I also love her style on the Fashions on the Field stage (and makes the outfits herself – what a clever lady).

During this hectic period Zorza was generous enough to give us a snippet of her precious time. She shares her love for creating amazing bespoke millinery and dressing up, both herself and her partner, for the races.

Taboo Millinery, what is in a name, and what sets your designs a part?
We all want something we can’t have right???? Same thing with my work! It’s Taboo! It’s bespoke, one off, no one else can have another! My pieces bring whimsy, a story to tell…One client recently, funny enough was a milliner that asked me for a piece.

Is there a focus to your most recent pieces for Spring Racing Carnival 2017?
This year for me personally it has been a ‘battle royal’ emotionally. I lost three family members and my identity in a way. I can see a clear divide in my work. Firstly, appear sweet nothings…light airy floral crowns in pressed metal and all the colours of the rainbow and then my crystal collection…edgy, sharp for a lady who has a goal and that’s to stand out from the beige crowd and show her real self.

What’s your tips on trends and how to remain fashion forward this season?
6 months ago I made my halos and crowns and they are now trending like hot cakes…metals are always a winner with colour blocked dresses in pastels. Please ladies, EVERY BODY IS UNIQUE … dress for your size…DO NOT HIDE BEHIND YOUR FABRIC!!!! I refuse to wear black!!!! GO BOLD OR GO HOME…just remember to keep your shoes on till the end!!!

My top three outfits…
Three unique looks for spring racing which were comfortable, accessories were affordable and where I didn’t hide what I have behind black or folds of fabric. There is no excuse for “I can’t wear hats” or “I can’t wear colour” it’s just you haven’t found the right stylist to shop with or milliner to create for you and we are out there!!!!!

Van Gogh’s Garden

Top to Tail on me…
Millinery – Taboo Millinery Melbourne by Zorza Goodman Melbourne Milliner. One of my heaviest pieces inspired by the misprinted designer fabric in the skirt and Van Gogh the whimsy of life and colour.
Top – Target
Necklace – Lovisa…This is your friend for quick, cheap go-to for spring racing ladies!
Skirt – I sewed myself!
Clutch – Olga Berg
Shoes – Target

On my partner…
Cap – Taboo Millinery Melbourne
Suit – Briggins Clothiers
Lapel and tie – Taboo Millinery Melbourne yes ladies and gents I colour match him to you!!!
Shoes – RM Williams
Bag – Typo


Golden Orb

I am pleased to say head to toe was all made by me. Again ladies wear what is flattering to you and you can get away with anything.
Clutch – Olga Berg
Shoes – Williams


Purple Cascade of Peonies

Again I sewed this outfit myself with the inspiration for the cape coming from the Asos.com plus size range. Clutch and shoes – Kmart

And gents it’s all about complimenting your partners. Your fine-tuning finishes that perfect outfit!!! There is nothing more sexy than a gent in a suit that FITS HIM and he has taken the time to select the right accessories such as cufflinks, lapel pins and yesss you guessed it millinery!!!!

Find Zorza and Taboo Millinery on Facebook if you’d like to purchase or inquire about one of her amazing designs.