Audrey Kelly attended Ladies Day and won best dressed at the Punchestown Festival in Kildare, Ireland yesterday wearing a pretty pastel pink trouser suit which got us thinking, why don’t we see many winners in pants?

Dresses and skirts are traditionally seen on the FOTF (Fashions on the Field) stage and increasingly competitors are taking risks with their outfits and challenging the norm of what is deemed as ‘racewear’. Pants are so versatile and comfortable yet they seem to be too casual for the racetrack if they are worn by women.

Who can forget stunning Amal Alamuddin when she married to George Clooney in 2014? Elegant as ever she stepped out in a custom made Stella McCartney cream suit with a flattering J. Smith Esquire hat.


So why do most women stick to the safety net of wearing skirts and dresses, are pants too masculine or too different? Winners are rarely seen in pants but I am yet to see “no pants” in any judging criteria.

We are seeing a shift in what is ‘racewear appropriate’ as racecourses set their sights on targeting young racegoers who are less conservative in their fashion choices. It’s not a case of out with the old and in with the new, because dress standards will always play a part in dressing up for the races, but the boundaries are being pushed especially when it comes to FOTF competitions.

Trousers suits are now allowed at Royal Ascot, however there are some limitations to the length and style, “Trouser suits are welcome but they should be of full-length and matching colour and material,” states the official style guide.

Style a trouser suit the right way you and can feel just as glam and polished as anyone else at the races so long as it is well fitted. High waisted, wide leg, crop, and straight leg means us girls have SO many options when it comes to choosing the right pant so our advice is try before you buy. Add an open shirt or skin coloured tunic underneath, pop on a pair of heels, grab your cutest clutch and don’t forget your millinery for a crisp combination that works across all seasons.

BNKR have many tailored options for those wanting to give the pant suit a go and if you aren’t brave enough to try it on the stage you can always opt for this look on a relaxed race day. Comfort and class all day, you can’t go wrong!