We spend so much time getting an outfit together that we can sometimes forget about the little things that finish off the perfect look. Things from earrings, nail polish and lipstick are often left to the last minute. So today I thought it might be a little bit of fun to put together a list of the trending shades of lipstick for spring 2016.

Hitting the runways for this upcoming spring we’ve seen a trend of rosy pinks, vibrant and bright reds and many shades on the coffee menu! Pastels are also making a big comeback this spring, not only in clothing and accessories, but also on the lips.

Rosy Pinks

We have all noted that the 70’s has starting showing its self again and paying homage to that era are a lot of new floral inspired hues for the lips. Dusty pink shades reminding me of ballet slippers and the roses in my grandma’s garden. This trend is a great way of adding a little bit of femininity to our finished look while giving an effortless vibe.

spring lipstick trends

Racy Reds

When choosing a bold and bright red for your lips, pair it with a clean face look, subtle eye and a sleek minimalist hairstyle. This will really make those lips pop. One red lippy may look great on your friend but shocking on you so choose the shade of red that suits your skin tone. Most experts say that for the fair complexion try to stick to a red with blue undertones, also go for a red with raspberry or cranberry hues. If you are of medium or dark complexion you should do the opposite! Often the blue undertone reds can look pinker against the olive to coco skin, try sticking to orange based reds, think red bricks. Despite what the experts say, if you find a red you love, then wear it. Don’t forget a good matching or tonal red lip liner is suggested to stop lipstick bleed.

Perfect Pastels

Pastel lips used to remind me of the lady next door when I was 15 years old. She’d stand there in her front garden watering her grass in her over sized almost see through floral nighty, her hair up in rollers and a ciggy between her fingers. But I always remember, I never saw her with out her favourite shade of pastel pink lipstick on! Now, thank goodness, pastel colours on the lips paint a much prettier picture in my mind. They remind me of fairy floss, sweet lollies and give me that innocent feeling. Pastel lips aren’t for everyone, but step outside your comfort zone and give it a go. Try it first when you’re wearing neutral tones and remember pastel doesn’t just mean pink. Try a range of pastel colours including orange, lilac or coral.

MUA Matte Lipstick – Lilac Belle

The New Nude

Taking on a new look this spring is the nude lip which seems to be a little darker with tinges of brown. Ranging in colours from latte, to a flat white and on to a mochachino and maybe add a little cinnamon to your coffee too!

Angela Menz

Seasoned race goer and fashion on the field expert Angela Menz has a secret for the perfect pout and it’s all about layering. Angela loves using Sportsgirl lip chalk, prior to applying her lip liner and lipstick. This is her tip for long lasting no budge lips. Angela’s ‘cant go wrong with’ lip colour choice for this spring a mid tone pink.


If you already have your favourite shade of lippy in a gloss, but you’re wanting the same colour in matte. Apply your lipstick as normal, then apply a light dusting of translucent power over the top. Taa daa an instant matte lip!

If you have a matte lipstick that you want to make gloss, simply apply a clear long lasting lip gloss over the top.


Its the little things that make all the difference!


Feature image: Sephora