Unlike celebrities most of us mere “mortals” don’t have a team of experts behind the scenes helping us get ready. We do our own hair and makeup before a special event and for me the races is no exception. I don’t claim to be a makeup expert but I can, after lots of practice, do my own makeup. Although it may not look as good as when it’s done by a makeup artist I can save time and money by doing it at home. So I thought I’d share what I do in the hope it may help other busy (and tired) Mums get race day ready.

Lack of sleep and not drinking enough water have contributed to my dry and lifeless skin. My blotches are a mix of freckles and pregnancy spots. I would love to have perfect porcelain skin that’s blemish free but I am more than happy to make do with what I’ve got. I rarely wear makeup unless it’s for an event, I just don’t have time to put it on. But for a special event I like to get a bit glam and spruce myself up from head to toe.

When I can afford to pay to get my hair and makeup done I love to have an artist work their magic. I make a point of listening to them and take on board tips for when I do my own at home. So here’s my attempt to hide tired panda eyes with makeup that’s fresh and long lasting…. Also don’t forget to wear a zip up jacket so you don’t mess up your efforts when you get changed 😉

I must admit I was a little hesitant to share this ‘bare all’ photo of myself without any make up on but it helps to see the results from start to finish.

Preparation – Moisturizer and eye primer go on washed skin as the base to hydrate the dry areas. A lip primer is also good for smoothing out your pout.

Step 1 – Eyeliner and lashes. I do things backwards and put on my eyeliner first. That’s because I always seem to mess up my foundation if I do my face makeup first. I use Napoleon because it has a very fine tip which is great for winged lines.

Putting on fake eyelashes is tricky. I apply the glue and wave them around until it becomes tacky. Then applying one end with the tweezers I work from the outer edge and bend around to the inner part of my eye. Then I use the tweezers to squish my eyelash and the fake one together like a sandwich. Most makeup artists put mascara and eyeliner on before applying lashes.

Step 2 – Eye primer. This stick balances out the colour and dark blue tinge under your eyes.

Step 3 – Foundation. Aim for an even blend all over and if needed dab extra to layer more on those areas which need a bit more coverage. For me that’s my freckly cheeks. This long wear foundation has sunscreen in it which is a bonus for sunny days. Mineral powder goes on to set and finish off the base.

Step 4 – Concealer. I put this just under my eyes to add more coverage to those bags. It’s optional but always handy to have in the cupboard for touching up.

Step 5 – Add details. Blush, highlighter, eye shadow, brow pencil, lip liner and lipstick are the finishing touches. My lipstick is MAC Lovelorn and it’s a really versatile colour, perfect for spring!

My top tips for DIY makeup….

1 – Moisturize!
To avoid your makeup looking flaky make sure your skin is hydrated.

2 – Build on a base
Moisturize and use a primer to ensure your makeup will last all day long.

3 – Quality tools
Invest in good foundation and powder brushes. Tools make all the difference in an even application of makeup.

4 – Blend
Don’t forget to blend a little over the edge of your ears to avoid looking like you are wearing a mask. Apply foundation to your face and blend down the top of your neckline with powder.

This is my go-to raceday hairstyle because it is SO easy and quick. It’s a little bun squished flat and pinned down. The extra straps hanging out are to hide my headband/elastic and are easily wrapped around the bun when the hat is in place. I usually do this before I leave but if the hat is too big to drive in I take some hair spray and pins to do it in the car.

And VOILA. Not too bad for a time poor and sleep deprived mumma bear…. Now off to the races for a drink and some racing action!!!

If you’d like to share your makeup tips or hints get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Mel xxx


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