Miss Haidee Millinery


Describe your style in 3 words or less?
Flamboyant , imaginative, maverick

What are your achievements as a business?
2017 Launceston cup Millinery Winner , Hats commissioned for Sydney fashion week 2017 , Hats commissioned for Perth fashion week 2017, Hats commissioned for QT Sydney 2015

People’s choice award with my wattle extravaganza essential hat millinery student award 2015 , The British School of Millinery achievement award 2015,

Hobart cup young ambassador winner 2017 wearing my design and the Hobart cup members millinery award 2017

Where do you get inspiration from?
I was born with an over active imagination and aspiration

What are your favourite social media accounts that you follow?
Instagram as it’s all visual

What do you love about millinery?
That I can get lost all day and be soo happy creating a headpiece. As long as it sits well and is tidy anything goes .

My father breeds horses so I love the glamour I can bring to horse racing , I use our racing colours (Jockey Silks) in my work and I my hat lining , we have had a few major wins so I get to see my work in the winning circle track side.

Miss Haidee Millinery
Miss Haidee Millinery

What’s an unknown fact about yourself?
I used to be a gypsy

What can your customers expect if they purchase from you?
An original design like no other , quality workmanship I trained in the 90’s by strict milliners before Glue was allowed .

Beautiful presented and all hats arrive in amazing signature hat boxes with a lucky charm attached .

Briefly describe your ordering process and prices
I am a visual person so any drawings, photos of your dress , and your face shape hair colour all work towards making my clients headpiece beyond perfect.

I do like at least two weeks to make a piece but if you wanted one tomorrow it could happen.

I have a ready to race collection on line www.misshaidee.com.au  just click and pay via PayPal or credit card ,, postage is one price and is express , international one price but not express.

Custom orders email me on info@misshaidee.com.au

See my intagram account for daily new additions hat’s that  don’t make my webpage but are available.

Shop in my artieler in  66 Hampden Road . Battery point Tasmanian 0408747462 open 7 days in the heart of Battery point , Tasmania

What are your future business plans?
I am moving into my dream studio shop , I am taking over the back room in my shop and its full of light and ideal for classes .

I am also writing a book. looking forward to Perth fashion week and winning the Everest horse race.

Where can people see/buy your designs?
Instagram misshaideemillinery
Face book https://www.facebook.com/MissHaideeClothing/


Miss Haidee Millinery