In most Fashions on the Field judging rules you will usually find one criteria related to current trends. Often it will state that the judges are looking for your ‘take on current trends’… that leaves it totally open to adding your own spin on things rather than copying exactly what is popular at that time. We don’t all want to look the same and there’s nothing amazing about a line up of look alikes, we want to see your personality shine ladies!

One of the crucial elements of a FOTF outfit is the millinery. Just like the rest of your outfit the headpiece choice should reflect who you are. The problem is there are so many choices that it can be hard to track down something you really love (and more importantly afford). No doubt you already have your favourite milliners, I know I do. We are spoilt for choice here in Australia and it’s hard to narrow down my own favourites because I have many!

I’ve done a round up and found some eye catching designs in different price ranges for you – after all, looking good doesn’t have to be just for those who can pay top dollar.


Half or full these angelic beauties will continue to be popular through to spring. With striking flowers, floaty crinoline and wired shapes there’s something for everyone. Leather halos will give you a solid look whereas straws will be light and airy, perfect for spring. Remember no felt for spring and summer!


If you are after something comfortable and stylish then a turban is right up your alley. With variations in shape and size you can choose from a block colour or go with something that has detailing to match your outfit.


Yes the boater will be sticking around this spring. Why? Because it’s an easy and elegant style to wear. Go for something versatile that you can change up to suit a variety of outfits by choosing a neutral colour. Add your own ribbons and flowers to for a personal touch that matches your outfit.

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Everyone is wearing these delicate little adornments and you will see crowns continue their ‘reign’ into spring. From embellished alice head bands to upright floral arrangements and everything in between you will find something to suit your budget.

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We have a range of stunning headpieces for sale in the Racewear Carousel shop… check them all out here


Still standing tall these pieces demand your full attention which is why they are very popular for FOTF. They are not always the most comfortable option (depending on how well the milliner makes them) but you will definitely make a statement on or off the stage. Thanks to clever block makers there are lots of shapes to choose from so keep searching till you find something you love.


Not for the faint hearted this is my favourite group of millinery… these are the styles that don’t have a set category but really pack a punch! They are literally works of art you can wear on your head…


If you are looking for a local milliner or someone to make you a bespoke piece jump over to our FIND A MILLINER page with profiles (more coming soon) and our directory full of milliners from across Australia.

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