Describe your style in 3 words or less
Unique. Original. Beautiful.

What are your achievements as a business?
My business achievements have been to bring millinery into the homes and lives of ladies in the Melbourne area with the Millinery Parties – a scheme that enables women to try and buy with no pressure in a warm and fun atmosphere.

Where do you get inspiration from?
I get inspired by all sorts of things, very often all it takes is seeing a stunning piece of fabric which I will play with until I find a shape that pleases me, or I may read an article about something, or read a book that inspires me to try something new, as I did when I picked up a book about colour and paper, and found that I wanted to try out using different handmade papers in my millinery

What are your favourite social media accounts that you follow?
Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest

What do you love about millinery?
The creativity

What’s an unknown fact about yourself?
If I tell you that – it will no longer be unknown – a little known fact, though, is that I won a gold medal for garden design in my last life as a garden designer

What can your customers expect if they purchase from you?
Fine quality and workmanship. Original and one-off designs.

Briefly describe your ordering process and prices.
Orders can be made online through my Etsy store, Facebook Page, Instagram or Website. My prices are modest, and I try to keep the cost down as much as I can, baring in mind the cost of shipping and Pay Pal fees.

What are your future business plans?
To remain small so that I can give my personal best to my customers. Enlarge the scope of the Millinery Party Scheme, and to enable each wearer of my Millinery to project an air of authority and confidence

Where can people see/buy your designs? 
My designs can be seen and bought at Millinery Parties in and around the Melbourne area  – a Party can be booked at any time of year ( although it does get busier towards the end of winter) simply by contacting me on line or by telephone. I can also be found at The Complete Ensemble at the Styling Room, which is a collaboration between myself, a hair and makeup stylist and a fashion stylist. Also viewed and bought on my Facebook Page, my website, Etsy store and my Instagram page.