It may be wishful thinking but I swear I can feel the weather warming up… Although spring is a great time of year it’s also a hard season to dress for because the temperature can be so unpredictable. Jumpsuits are the perfect all-rounder for the track and when Mother Nature throws you 4 seasons in one day your 70’s disco diva inspired style will be your saving grace!


Short see-through playsuits aren’t what we are talking about for the races because there are dress codes to abide by, especially in member’s areas. Untailored pants and shorts are a more casual option for the general admission sections of the track. If you aren’t sure give your local club a call.

Here’s some inspo from Pinterest on how to rock a jumpsuit for the races (or any event really)…


Pants, pant suits and jumpsuits are a more common choice for the races with many labels including them in their lines for each season. So why not throw your own girly spin on this masculine inspired trend and try it yourself? If you’re not sure where to start look for styles that are made from thick fabric in darker colours. Unlike men and suits, ladies have endless silhouette and bodice options when it comes to jumpsuits. They are elegant, super stylish and great for keeping your lower half warm (and let’s be honest, they will hide the lack of sun tan on your legs from hibernating in winter).

I have loved jumpsuits for a while now. I used to have a pair of denim overalls when I was young and I would wear them everywhere with everything. I had no idea about fashion back then but I just loved how comfy they were. Their more formal and glamorous cousin, the jumpsuit, can be just as comfortable if you choose one that is long enough in the torso. I’m short but I still went up a size in this gingham jumpsuit from Temt so there would be no issue with sitting down and NO camel toe! Please ladies check this when you are trying on a jumpsuit because there really is no where to hide if it is too tight in the crotch area. Move, sit, bend and test your jumpsuit before you buy or hire it!


Starting with a pair of simple mules for an everyday look I changed up the accessories to make it perfect for a race day. If you get chilly pop on a jacket or be a bit tricky and layer a top over the jumpsuit. I love doing this because I find that jumpsuit pants fit well… so now I have a great pair of pants to wear with all my tops!!!!


Jumpsuits are versatile and will inject some daytime charm into your wardrobe. Yes you can wear your fave pair of sneakers with a cute print jumpsuit for a look that all about chic and comfort. A denim jacket is great for keeping your shoulders warm in those cooler afternoons when it’s time to pick up the kids. To dress the jumpsuit up for the races add a bright cape, hat, heels and a cute bag. I couldn’t resist adding a scarf to my bag for a mixed print POP and a touch of feminine flair!

Now who doesn’t love polka dots especially for Derby Day? I came up with a few options for this jumpsuit. A shirt underneath works really well so long as it’s thin and doesn’t create too much bulk. Alternatively add a shirt over the top and play with the waist tie if you want to make the most of the spare matching fabric.

I wore this little number to the Polo earlier in the year. It’s from Showpo and made from a light linen, which is perfect for spring or summer. A little crop top worked a treat to cover up the cut outs and it also hides my back tattoo.

So what kind of headwear works with jumpsuits I hear you say… well I really think anything goes! A gorgeous structured brim hat in a contrasting colour or a detailed crown can look very elegant. If you want to be a bit playful and casual then a straw boater will hit the mark. For something feminine yet comfortable chase up a flower crown or cluster of leather roses on a headband!!!

Choose your shoes carefully with jumpsuits because the pant length can often cut you off and make you look shorter. Go with height in heels or a wedge for events that are formal. Pull out your cons for casual catch ups with the girls or running around doing errands.

As for competing in FOTF  in a jumpsuit, my advice is to keep it classy and put some thought into your accessories along with investing in a statement headpiece. Strapless and revealing cutouts may not work in your favour so think about ways to turn up the style level in other ways if you want your outfit to be final worthy. Take a look overseas to racing festivals like Punchestown where many ladies have progressed through and won in pant suits or jumpsuits… how great do they look?

Image: Irish Times

So take a risk and dress up your jumpsuit for the races… make sure you tag us so we can see how fantastic you look @racewear_carousel! Layer, accessorise and choose a well fitting jumpsuit to ensure you earn some serious style points whether it’s at the track, the shops or for a special night out.

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Happy jumpsuit hunting!
-Mel xxx

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