Now that Winter has well and truly set in we are reminded that having icy cold toes puts a real dampener on a day out!

If you are attending a race day not only are closed in toe shoes practical, they will also keep you looking ‘weather appropriate’ if you want to enter Fashions on the Field.

From fun and dramatic to comfortable and practical, we’ve found some great styles for your next winter racing fashion event at the track.

IMAGE: Design Centre

♥ Wear in your heels before an event
♥ Use gel inserts if you are going to be on your feet all day
♥ A shoe with a gradual slope are the most comfortable to wear
♥ A thicker heel means more stability and no grass stains
♥ If you need support avoid strappy open style heels
♥ Heel then toe – walking in heels takes practice
♥ Bandaid possible blister spots before you leave
♥ Take a pair of folding flats (if they fit in your purse)

Image: Myer Blog
Image: Myer Blog
Image: BRC

Feature Image: Wendell Levi Teodoro