Describe your style in 3 words or less

What are your achievements as a business?
Acceptance into the Millinery Association of Australia 2012, Top 10 Myer Millinery Award 2014, Top 20 Myer Millinery Award 2016

Where do you get inspiration from?
Various things inspire me, usually it is a fabric. I often see an unusual print fabric and instantly my mind swirls with ideas for how I can create a stand out piece of millinery. I have found inspiration previously through art, nature and music.

What are your favourite social media accounts that you follow?
It’s all about the sash, Vogue Australia, St Frock, the Iconic, Upcycleit

What do you love about millinery?
Millinery is an art form, textures, colours, mediums, it all is part of the love. My strength is creativity and millinery is the form I choose to share it.

hanley hats

What’s an unknown fact about yourself?
I love fancy dress and from time to time pop on a wig or pirate hat to inspire my creativity within the workroom lol!

What can your customers expect if they purchase from you?
Quality customer service, to be informed throughout the process, a well made quality finish piece of millinery

Briefly describe your ordering process and prices.
Once a potential client has contacted me, I usually first ask for a photograph of their outfit, then discuss styles. Do they like large hats, smaller pieces, subtle or statement. Once I have done this I then draft 2-3 rough sketches of my ideas, price them and send them to the potential client. A deposit is required to accept the commission and I schedule their piece in, allowing sufficient time to source supplies, create and post to them. This process can take up to 6 weeks, unfortunately some of this is out of my hands, as postage within Australia has become very slow. I usually allow 5 days postage time, however this has been as much as 8 days to outer regional areas. I live outside the Express postage zones, so express generally makes no difference. My prices generally start at $180 for custom made, but can be as much as $400 depending on the design.

What are your future business plans?
I am currently working on a bridal range, along with a line of men’s accessories. I hope over the next few years that I can continue to move forward and grow my name and continue to build on my return client base.

Where can people see/buy your designs?
Instagram: @hanleyhats
Facebook: Hanley Hats Millinery & Racewear

hanley hats