Gloves serve the dual purpose of being a functional wardrobe staple and a must have fashion accessory. Historically gloves kept hands clean and warm and showed that a woman knew the social decorum of dressing for a given occasion.
There was a time when women didn’t leave the house without a pair of gloves on. Most ladies did not consider their ensembles complete without a pair of gloves, aside from very casual, beach or sporty settings. How times have changed.

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Personally I love wearing unique gloves and the races are one of the only places I get to show them off.  There is a feeling of elegance, style and sophistication when you wear gloves. There is also the impracticality factor that comes along with wearing them too. I admit they do get in the way of tasks like eating, reapplying lipstick and using a mobile phone, but getting dressed up and completing your look with a pair of gloves can be a lot of fun.
I am addicted to vintage gloves – yes keep me away from second hand and retro shops! There is something special about gloves because they are so unique, stylish and feminine. Each has their own personality. Leather gloves can be a bit heavy for the races especially in the warmer months. Shorter length leather gloves work well all year around (the half palm style aren’t my cup of tea although I have a few just in case). Out of all my gloves I would say the delicate sheer styles are my absolute favourite!

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I try to work gloves in with most of my race day outfits. Sometimes I wear them and other times I just hold them or only wear them for photos. As fashion trends change so to do the rules and expectations for Fashions on the Field. Gloves aren’t a deal break for winning FOTF any more and the traditions of ‘racing fashion’ are shifting as current styles are reflected up on stage. If gloves ‘add’ to your outfit then wear them but if they don’t suit your overall look or enhance it in anyway then don’t wear them (unless it states in the rules they are required). You can add your own spin to your gloves and make them a standout feature of your outfit with some embellishments like these…

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With temperatures slowly going down you may have gloves on the radar for your next race day outfit so below is a go-to list for when you are on the search for your next pair of gorgeous gloves.

Embellished gloves available to purchase from Lirika Matoshi

Gloves available to purchase from Pink Lipstick Vintage

Gloves available to purchase from Exlusive Vintage Clothing

Gloves available to purchase from Wardrobe the Globe

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