“Oh no, is gingham in again?” was my Mum’s reaction when I showed her some of my new favourite items from the Racewear Carousel shop. Isn’t it funny how trends come and go in cycles… personally I LOVE checks and I have for a while now (if you love the items pictured above you can find them all on ASOS. This was one of my first Adelaide Cup FOTF outfits and the whole look was planned around the skirt. I then wore it to Derby Day in Melbourne with a different style hat. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but there’s just something about geometric shapes that instantly appeals to me.

Gingham is such a playful print packed with retro nostalgia. Here’s a few blast from the past pics to prove that fashion does repeat and all that’s needed is some modern tweaks to bring it into the fashion forefront…

If you decide to get on the gingham train here’s some ways you can incorporate it into your next race day outift with items from the shop…


Checks never go out of fashion and can be worn in any season. Gingham has a preppy vibe that can be very elegant when styled with the right accessories. Balance out the print with solid colours to keep from looking like a jumbled up mess.

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Gingham can give your outfit an edgy kick because the print is so bold and eye catching. Try mixing two different sized prints to make a real statement.

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You may think ‘picnic rug’ when you see a gingham print but don’t worry. This season it has been injected with stylish bows and ruffles that reflect this seasons trends. You won’t feel like you’ve been lost in a time warp if you style it with complementing accessories.

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The colour options for gingham are endless although black and red with white are usually the most popular. Play with pinks, greens or even blue for a different take on the trend. You can also add your own solid pop of colour in to break up the print.

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Mix prints

Mixing prints with gingham is easy because the check pattern is a great base to work from if you focus on a colour family. Add gingham to a floral print for a pretty combination or pair it with stripes for a bold look that you know no one else will be wearing.

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