Whether I go to the races for fun or to enter Fashions on the Field (FOTF) there is one part of the process that I love doing and that’s playing mix and match on my phone. With so many ideas running through my head, fellow creatives out there you will know what I mean, I often need a little help to get them organised. By getting the outfits onto ‘paper’  I can get some sleep…. cue the app PicCollage.


I started putting together collages as ‘aspiration boards’ because I would never be able to afford most of the items I found online,  a girl can dream right? I would screenshot clothing or accessories I loved and then try to source similar options for my own outfits. This was an easy and cost effective way to go shopping without leaving the house. It was handy to put all my ideas in one place so I could go back to it whenever I changed my mind, which in my case is very often! I also used it to put together an outfit for my husband to wear to Adelaide Cup, it saved me from dragging him into countless shops and avoided hours of complaining. A win-win for both of us!

Photos never really do millinery justice so I put together outfit suggestions based on what I find online. I love technology – it’s so quick and easy to use this app once you get the hang of it! 

fotf racewear
racewear fotf

As time progressed I found that people started asking me “what colour shoes would work with…” or “where can I find…” so I began doing quick mock up collages. Being able to see a whole outfit in front of you rather than in your head. It also allows you to tweak things before you set out to purchase 3 different coloured clutch bags to see which one matches best.

fotf racewear
racewear fotf

PicCollage has some great features and the one I love the most is being able to crop out the bits you don’t need. You can then layer them so the picture looks like you are actually wearing the outfit.

There are lots of other things you can do with PicCollage but I like the ‘collect’ tool, you can save up a little bank of pictures and use them to plan more than one outfit. This means you can delete the pictures from your camera roll and make room for more ‘dream purchases’.

I hope you find this app useful next time you are planning your next FOTF outfit. I’d love to see your collages so tag #RacewearCarousel on Instagram next time you put one together.

Mel xx

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