If you are on Instagram and a races fashion voyeur like me (I’m always stalking #fotf) you have no doubt come across this vivacious and fun loving lady with her bright outfits and sparkling smile. Kacey Lloyd is one of those people that you enjoy watching and hope to meet if you ever cross paths one day at a race meet. With many FOTF (Fashions on the Field) wins under her belt, we talked to Kacey about her style inspo, sticking to a budget and tips to put together a great outfit!

Going to the races is one of Kacey’s favourite things to do and it is hard to keep track of the countless hats, accessories and pieces of clothing she has worn over the years. Competing in FOTF isn’t just about the prizes, we love that women come together to have fun with fashion and become lifelong friends.

Q1. What do you love about going to the races?
What’s not to love!!! Going to the races is one of my favourite things to do!! I guess for me it’s a great excuse to get dressed up and wear a hat, my family also enjoy the races as we own a few race horses which also makes for a great family day out ,and of course there is always a couple of glasses of bubbles.


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Q2. When did you start competing in Fashions on the Field (FOTF)? Why did you decide to participate?
I did my first FOTF Melbourne Cup 2012 at my beautiful local country track at Murwillumbah! I was extremely nervous but had quite a few friends there cheering me on. From that day on I was hooked. I had spent so many years enjoying a day at the races purely just going for the horse races, but always had an interest in watching FOTF but didn’t think I could do it, for me it was just getting the confidence to get up in front of the judges and the races crowd.


Q3. Can you explain the process of putting together an outfit for FOTF? Do you plan your hat or dress first?
The process of an outfit coming together is always different for me sometimes it’s the dress and other times it’s the Millinery. With a few years of FOTF under my belt i have ended up with a great little collection of shoes, clutch bags, gloves and bits and bobs to make my outfits come together at the end. I really think it’s important when competing in FOTF that hair and makeup are just as important as the outfit, so when competing in FOTF I tend to make sure I have my hair styled by my amazing hair and makeup stylist to complement the millinery and dress. I once had an outfit which was a 40s/ 80s mix up and she pin curled my hair with a modern day twist to bring it all together. Yes it is an extra cost but in my eyes well worth it!!

My outfit for the Golden Sipper this year started with the Self Portrait dress which I had purchased pre -loved from a lovely lady who had only worn it the once, so it was a great little pick-up for a great price, I had then discussed designs for the millinery and could not of been happier with the end result ! I decided to wear my hair down as I wasn’t competing in FOTF which made for a more relaxed look.  My makeup choices were also relaxed with nude lips and natural tones but some lashes to add a little extra glam.
Dress: Self Portrait Dress
Bag: Olgaberg Clutch
Shoes: Wittner Heels
Half Palm Gloves

Q4. On average how much do you spend on an entire outfit?
I always try to stick to a budget of $500 but sometimes I have gone well under and other times I have gone a bit over!! I once picked up a dress for $50 and had millinery made to match the dress and come out with a total unexpected FOTF win. It’s definitely a little harder with such amazing designers playing a huge part in FOTF these days but I recently asked the question to a friend how to stick to budget and get the look!! The reply was to use the designers as your inspiration and then make your outfit your own!! This way it’s not something someone else is going to turn up in and you will stand out because it is a little different.

Q5. What has been your favourite outfit? Why?
My favourite FOTF outfit is Mackenzie Mode dress and had the most amazing piece of Millinery by Joanna Roberts one of my favourite milliners. The Millinery is made out of coloured laser cut Perspex and is like wearing a piece of art!! I wore it to Randwick for the Myer NSW state final of FOTF and got through to the prelims, which I thought was great!! I think it’s my favourite because of the bright colours and it’s a really fun outfit to wear

Q6. Who do you follow or look to for your outfit inspiration?
I love Kate Waterhouse, in my book she gets it right every time!! But really I get inspiration from competing in FOTF. The standard of ladies competing is set so high, and I think it gets better every time I go to an event.

(Images: @Katewaterhouse7)

Instagram is a great way to see what everyone is wearing so I try to follow as many ladies that also enjoy FOTF. A few of my favourites are @milanoimai ,@crystalkimber @alicebright_ @BECB_ @airs.and.graces just to name a few but there really is to many to name.

Q7. What FOTF events have you won and what were the prizes?
I have not taken out a win at any of the Major FOTF events but was pretty excited to make a few finals! I attend and love the smaller country meetings where I have done quite well.
2013 Goldcoast Magic Millions ladies Day Best Millinery
2014 Goldcoast Magic Millions ladies day 18-40 Best Dressed
2014 Murwillumbah Cup lady of the day
2014 Ballina Cup Best Millinery
2014 Goldcoast Prime Ministers Cup 18-40 Best dressed
2015 Goldcoast Stakes day 18-40 Best Dressed
2015 Goldcoast Prime Ministers Cup 18-40 Best Dressed
2015 Goldcoast Pink Ribbon Day Best Millinery
2015 Lismore Cup lady of the day
I have won some great prizes over the years from weekends away, shopping vouchers, travel vouchers, millinery, spa days, cosmetics, dinners, accommodation, shopping sprees with a stylist, jewellery, and of course a couple of bottles of bubbly!

Q8. What do you do with your old racewear items?
People ask me a lot what I do with all my old outfits. There are quite a few dresses that I am really attached too, and my favourite millinery pieces I keep in hopes to share with my daughter one day! But I do sell a few things on line which helps with funding for my next FOTF outfits.

Q9. What’s the next FOTF or race meet you will be attending?
I will be competing in is the Prime Ministers Cup day on the Goldcoast on the 7th of May

Q10. What advice do you have for ladies (and gents) wanting to enter FOTF for the first time?
The advice I would give to Ladies and Gents entering FOTF is it is important to stick to the guide lines of racing fashion, and to take note of the seasons when entering. I think Millinery is so important, so this is one thing I am happy to spend my money on!!

A great milliner is worth their weight in gold and Australia have some of the best! I do think it really is about owning your own style and being confident with your look from head to toe. So don’t be afraid to add accessories to give your outfit an extra element. I would encourage anyone to give FOTF a go. The prizes are great but for me that’s not what it’s about. I have gained confidence and best of all I have met some really amazing people along the way that I will have as lifelong friends.

Featured image by Studio Fascino