Wearing heels, to the track or a special occasion, can leave your feet feeling like you’ve walked through razor blades… Why do we do it to ourselves ladies?!?

Band aids work their way off so I tried this little DIY trick and I went home from the Adelaide Cup with sore feet but no blisters which is a first!!!

What you’ll need

Super Tape – buy this from Spotlight in the quilting section. It’s double sided and can be used for holding down everything!

Soft craft felt – Spotlight (try to match the colour of your shoe to the felt)

How to do it

1- Cut the felt slightly smaller than the size of the area you want to cover. 

2- Attach the tape to the felt first and cut to size.

3- Peel off the backing on the tape and attach to your shoes.

4- Voila! Just like walking on clouds (well not really but a lot less painful than blisters.