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Angelus leather paints are brilliant in colour and are designed for colouring shoes, bags, clutches or any leather/PU item.

Colour an old pair of shoes or clutch to freshen them up or simply paint to match your outfit when you can’t find something to suit. All colours can be intermixed to achieve the perfect colour.

For best results, ensure article is clean before application. Apply with paint blush (included) or sponge pad. The brush is great for cutting in along edges and getting into seams and tight to reach spots.  A sponge is best for covering larger surfaces. Use brush to apply paint to area and then use sponge to cover. Allow to dry between coats. It is best to apply two or more thin coats instead of one heavy coat.


Leather & PU Gloves: Can be painted although note it is hard to get it dry in between the fingers without them sticking together.

 One bottle should be enough to apply 2-3 coats to 1 x pair of shoes, 1 x clutch and 1 x pair of gloves.

 Guaranteed by Angelus to not peel, crack or rub off when dry. Water based for easy clean up.

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