My jewellery collection has been bugging me for a while now and so I decided to kick into spring cleaning mode and get organized. The more race days I attend the more colourful my collection seems to get. From necklaces to Hollywood tape I needed to restore order to my room.

Here is the before photo… I had two of these vases on my chest of drawers. All my jewellery was squished in on top of itself. If the necklace I needed was at the bottom I had to pull everything out, this created more mess!

A short trip to K-Mart and only a few dollars later and I had the perfect solution to my messy vases… these little gems cost less than $9 each and I couldn’t wait to get home and work out what would go where.

This was the easiest DIY I have ever done. Now I can easily find what I need when I am getting ready each day or for a special event like the races. Store anything and everything!

The sections are see through so it makes searching for that pair of earrings a snap. You can also stack them up as high as you need depending on how many you want buy and how much space you have.

Part two of this DIY project was hanging my necklaces on a cork board purchased at IKEA. It even came with pins so all I had to worry about was attaching it to the wall. I used velcro picture hanging strips because they don’t damage the wall. You can get them from Bunnings or most supermarkets.

Mix and match to your heart’s content. There’s no right or wrong way so do what works for you.

Mel xxx