A quality headpiece will set your bank balance back a little but think of it as an investment and splurging on something you love won’t leave you feeling so guilty. Especially if you can reinvent your favourite millinery piece so it can be worn again with another outfit. Making a few DIY modifications can change the whole look of your hat or headpiece and it isn’t as hard as it seems, you don’t need any millinery training to attempt this DIY.

Flower making can be a timely and costly process if you are making them by hand, with hours of cutting, shaping and assembling involved. Silk flowers in particular require patience and plenty of spare time. If I said you could get a similar ‘make a statement look’ with kids craft supplies and an iron you probably wouldn’t believe me. So here’s proof that you can be thrifty and super stylish all at the same time…

Here’s what I did for these flowers…
-Bought some EVA foam from my local cheap shop
-Printed some flower templates I found on Pinterest
-Cut out the flowers in different sizes
-Shaped them with steam from the iron and my hands or flower making tools
-Wired and glued them together (the wire can be bought from spotlight in the flower section)

Blue and white flowers

I shaped these by hand by moulding the petals with my thumbs pressing outwards. The centres are scrunched up and wired. The leaves are made by gluing two pieces of foam together with wire in the middle.
To secure them to the hat the wires for each flower are bound together with florist tape and poked through the holes in the hat. Then from underneath a few spot glues and some stitching holds them in place (and makes it easy to remove them).


I used the knife from my flower making tool set but you could use a butter knife. The two white sections are wired together and the yellow centre is stuck on top. The centre is a small strip of foam, with a series of little cuts that has been rolled up. These are secured to the outside of the hat by sewing the wires in place and ‘strategically’ arranging flowers to cover up the anchor point.


These were made with my ball shaped flower making tools. If you are going to make these you have to work quickly before the foam cools. At the centre of these I have a wired wooden bead and covered it with the smallest flower shape. To secure these flowers into the hat I poked each wire through the gap between the white section and the blue. A bit of spot gluing holds them in place.

-Eva foam is a cheap material to play around. It’s great for experimenting with making your own flowers for the first time. You can pick it up from $2 shops in a range of colours. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try new things with it.
-You can make your own flower making tools with wire and beads, use a butter knife or any other items if you want to add lines to your flower or veins to a leaf.
-Colour the foam with spray or paint the petals if you can’t find the right shade to match it comes in limited colours.
-For a fuller looking flower cut out and shape more layers in different sizes.
-Be careful not to rip your petals. The foam has some give but will tear if you pull too hard.
-Use a pressing cloth if you want to protect the foam and your iron. -The foam will curl once some heat is applied, you don’t need to shape or mould it.
-Test your glue. Not all craft glues stick well to the foam, you want something that will dry quickly so you don’t have to wait around before you put each layer on.
-Use a template that has all the petals attached in one piece rather than cutting out individual petals. It will save you time and they stick together better.
-Squishing, scrunching and moulding will all give your petals a different texture so try out a few ways on a scrap piece of foam first to decide on what look you’re going for.

Here’s a flower making tutorial that you can check out online for more ideas…