There’s no doubt that having the right accessories can take your race day outfit from looking great to GET OUT OF TOWN gorgeous! The down side of owning lots of jewellery is that you have to keep them all organized. My earrings have been bugging me for a while now so I thought I’d share some DIY hangers that will help free up some dresser space. They are quick, easy, and cheap to do with a few alternatives depending on what you have available to use in the shed (and no handyman required).

diy earring hanger

What you’ll need
K-Mart magnetic memo board stationary organizer
K-mart contact in marble
Hanging options: Hooks, Craft pegs, Wire, Blu-tac, Scissors, dowels/plugs

diy earring hanger

Make the stand
1. Unpack the memo board.

2. Cut a section of marble contact big enough to cover the metal plate.

3. Cover the large area first and fold over the edges by snipping off the corners to make them neat.

4 Assemble the stand using the instructions supplied.


Hanging alternatives
-Stand alone: Poke a hole through the contact. Use the memo board holes to hang earrings and brooches on.

-Plastic Hooks: Blue tack the hooks on temporarily and when they are in the right place use the double sided tape to stick them down.

-Dowels: Use pre-made wooden dowels from Bunnings to plug each hole up. Then hang your earrings on them.


-Pegboard hooks: Use metal hooks from Bunnings or Ebay to hang earrings on – these can be moved around easily.

-Pegs: Wire craft pegs to the stand by looping through the hole and twisting through the back.


-Cork board: Cover a cork board with fabric or contact and stick on top of the memo board – stick your studs straight into the board to organize them.


And that’s it – just do what works for you.  Now with all your jewellery sorted you’ll be able to get race day ready in record time without leaving a mess in your wake. I also found this little necklace hanger for $5 at Kmart which is perfect for rings and hair ties too.

Happy organizing!

Mel xx

diy earring hanger