Buying online can be hit and miss for women because we all come in such a huge variety of shapes and sizes. We’ve all found the perfect dress online only to have it arrive and be far from the perfect fit. It’s important that every woman looks and feels her best and because the races is a great opportunity to dress up we know half the battle is in finding an outfit to wear.

Meet Salli, a lovely lady we came across on Instagram who we instantly we fell in love with. She has a passion for the races and helping other curvy women, like herself, find fashionable plus size brands to wear. We spoke to Salli and got her to spill the beans on where she shops online for her fabulous racewear outfits. Here’s what she had to say…


curvy racing
curvy racing


You won’t see me flittering down the runway on FOTF, I’ll be too busy drinking champagne and cheering on my $2 each-way bet. However, raceday fashion is top of my ‘to do’ list each week!

I’m a plus size girl, a size 14-16 (depending on how many carbs I’ve eaten) and after struggling to find racewear that made me feel fashionable on race days I made the @CurvyRacing instagram account.  This is where I share raceday outfits, hats and general festivities.

I hope that @CurvyRacing can help plus size ladies find great racewear that makes them feel comfortable and look amazing.  I also hope it inspires some racewear designers to bring out some plus size options!

Where is your favourite place online to buy racewear?
Finding racewear in plus size isn’t easy.  That is why you need to keep your eyes and ears open and if you find something amazing, purchase immediately!

Let’s face it, the easiest place to get last minute racewear (or any clothing) for plus size girls is City Chic.  The great thing is that they understand that a bigger body has different proportions.  However, City Chic can be a little behind the times when it comes to fashion.  So I’d suggest Asos, Boohoo and Missguided Australia plus size options for some alternatives.

Finally… this one you will love me for… so many of those amazing lady-like raceday dresses you see on FOTF are from a brand called Chi Chi London… and they do Chi Chi Curve! For fast shipping, purchase them from Asos. For more variety check out their full website

I will keep searching for more options for curvy racewear to share on my instagram! So if you know of any gems, please get in touch.

Who do you follow for inspiration?
Now this is an easy one, follow anyone and everyone.  At the end of the day, wear what works for you and your body shape.

Instagram is the easiest way to find raceday inspiration, but I prefer the face to face approach.  If you see someone looking stunning at the racecourse, tell them and ask them for their advice!


What is your fashion tip for attending the races?
My number one fashion tip for the races, is wear what makes you feel comfortable.  I can plan an outfit weeks in advance for a special raceday…. but if I’m not feeling it on the day, no way am I wearing it.

Being comfortable means that you will hold yourself better, your smile will be bigger and you will shine.  So never underestimate comfort!


What styles should curvy ladies look for? What style is most flattering?
This all depends on what kind of curvy you are.  Highlight your positives and flow over the rest.  Don’t be afraid to try something that hugs your hips and highlights your curves.

Let’s also just take a moment to talk about arms.  There is nothing wrong with your arms, so forget the cardigan and show off that dress.  Now, if you are reading this thing thinking I’m nuts – try a fake tan beforehand or alternatively go for a structured jacket and use a belt to highlight your waist.

If all else fails, try a skater skirt in a mid length.  It’s ladylike and covers a variety of below the waist sins. Jazz it up with a blazer, amazing shoes and statement jewellery.

Who are your favourite milliners?
What a question, where to start on this one.  I have so many wonderful milliners who have made me some extraordinary headpieces, and so many more milliners for me to meet.  To name a few of my favourites:

Curlpaper Millinery – for incredible paper headpieces

Allport Millinery & Adorn Millinery – for fashion forward headpieces

K is for Kani – fill your cupboard with these flower crowns

Kim Weibenga – for that bold statement piece

The milliners I have mentioned above won’t break the bank, yet the quality, creativity and all-round brilliance of these guys is worth every penny.   They are also amazing people, so what more could you ask for?

Not all fashion trends suit all body types, what current trends do you think suit curvy ladies for the track?
My frustration with plus size clothing is that I never feel like I can buy clothes that are ‘in-fashion’. Boohoo ( and Missguided ( plus size range has given me some faith, and sometimes it’s just about being creative.

Don’t shy away from lace, cut outs or crop tops.  Just find the ones that work for you.  A top and skirt combo can sometimes work better than a dress and can be mixed and matched for future race days.


Do you have some favourite outfits you have worn?
I think my favourite outfits are quickly associated with my favourite race days, which highlights my comment on being comfortable.  When I feel good, I have a good time and meet great people.

I loved my Spring Carnival looks from last year.  I always start my outfits by finding a magnificent headpiece and then working down from there.

This dress was a Chi Chi London piece and the hat was from curlpaper.


This was a outfit that had so much positive feedback on the day

If you’ve thrown together a slightly crappy outfit, just find someone super fashionable and take photo with them… instant cool status

When planning a raceday outfit, I have to turn to the tip I found on Racewear Carousel… the instagram layout app is such an easy way to put together an outfit, like this one I did with my recent Adorn Collection flower crown, The Iconic dress and Novo shoes. Or my Ikelarts custom leather lasercut piece, with the flattering (well, at least I thought so) wrap waist lace dress.

So join the plus size racewear revolution and be the top weight with me!

Salli xx

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