Describe your style in 3 words or less.
Feminine, classic, contemporary

What are your achievements as a business?
-Becoming an MMA member – Millinery Association of Australia
-Continuing to grow a loyal customer base from a regional town in Central QLD, who love my designs, quality and wearing my millinery and fashion pieces.
-My greatest achievement to date would be my current collection on Exhibit at Artspace Mackay ‘A Milliner’s Tale’ – Brenda Lui. 30 pieces in total were on exhibit across 3 collections:

o   Vintage inspired – A collection inspired by key millinery looks over the past century.

o   On Trend Now – A collection showcasing current key trends on fashion now in Racing Fashion

o   Future Innovation – A collection showcasing my ideas for future designs in Millinery including evolving very traditional style hats from the past into something with a new twist for the future, using new technology in millinery such as 3d printing, and using brand new sustainable fabrics in millinery such as Pinatex which a sustainable alternative to leather. – View more on the Facebook gallery.

-Becoming a respected Milliner, Designer and creative mentor within my local creative community in Mackay

Where do you get inspiration from?
Everywhere! So many things inspire my work, I do love colour, feminine style, both vintage and contemporary designs and textiles so these are all elements that continue to inspire me through my design process. I am inspired by everyday encounters, from art, and vintage fashion to urban design and the natural world. My work is distinctly feminine while paying homage to my love of both contemporary and vintage design.

What are your favourite social media accounts that you follow?

Crazy Teapot

What do you love about millinery?
So many things –

-With Racing Fashion Millinery I love how creative you can be, coming from a background in fashion design, there are not many areas in fashion where you can be so creative and have are real freedom to push the boundaries which is just wonderful.

-I love the process of creating each piece, from the design at the beginning, to the structural foundations and the fine detail of finishing and trim/embellishments.

-I also have a real love of sewing (in particular hand sewing) so millinery fits with this perfectly as there is a lot of hand sewing.

-Another reason I love Millinery and I think found it a perfect fit for me crossing over from Fashion Design (my original background) is with now having family of young children, I love how easy millinery is to pick up and put down, to leave and come back to constantly as I need to tend to the needs of my young family.

-It’s very good for my mental health – I am a creative person, so I need to have creativity in my life and millinery is very creative. I find designing and creating millinery is wonderful for my mental health and helps me be a better mother and partner.

Crazy Teapot
Crazy Teapot
Crazy Teapot

What’s an unknown fact about yourself?
I don’t think many would know that I’m a country girl from out western QLD. I was born and raised in Mount Isa.

What can your customers expect if they purchase from you?
Quality, unique designs, friendly customer service, attention to detail, good communication, reasonable pricing.

Briefly describe your ordering process and prices
I have a ready to wear collection which can be purchased directly through my website and posted off to them safely packaged.

-I am also happy to work direct with clients and create custom pieces. I can work within set budgets and will research best materials and colours to find the best millinery design outcome. I find corresponding via messenger is a great way to communicate quickly and easily throughout the process to send updates on progress and developments with photos etc. Once a design is decided I require a 50% deposit of quoted amount and then the balance before shipment.

What are your future business plans?
-My Exhibition will continue to be on Showcase at Artspace Mackay until 12th of October

-Hope to grown my business further south by attending a special Millinery Event by Thoroughbred Events in Sydney at their Spring Millinery event on September 17 at Darling Harbour, where I will be selling a collection of my 2017 Spring Millinery .

-In November I will be travelling to Melbourne to attend my first ever Melbourne Cup carnival, which is very exciting, I have always wanted to go but with young children seemed to challenging but this year we are making it happen and I can’t wait.

-Continue to develop unique feminine designs and collections for each racing fashion season and in 2018 I would love to also create a small bridal collection as this is where my millinery adventure began many years ago.

Where can people see/buy your designs?
Facebook –
Instagram –
Website –

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