Image: By Joe Cheng (for Dapper.tude)

It’s autumn already (can you believe it) and with Easter this weekend that means its time for the Oakbank and Clare horse racing carnivals. What this also means is a chance for ladies, and now more so these days blokes to step up their style game and represent.

The weather this weekend is scheduled to be perfect for gents to wear their best suit, no need for a rain coat but sunscreen and sunnies will be needed. in my book the dresscode standards are a suit that fits right, slim fit shirt, tie and dress shoes. However, for something a little different you might also consider a 3 piece suit with vest, a double breast suit or a stylish hat.

I suggest adding some additional  elements that are relatively cheap to spice things up a bit and bring your style game to the top. My suggestions include…

– Pocket square. Use one of these to add an extra element to your look. if you are conservative go with your standard subtle colours like black, white, blue etc that match in with the suit, tie or shirt and use a simple square edge fold. If you are more flamboyant go with a bright or patterned colour that does not need to match in with the outfit and let the square run free with a puff or messy fold.

– Tie clip. There are so many different tie clips and pins you can get to add a little point of difference from your fellow male race attendees. Given the races are fun and a less formal event you can use all sorts of novelty tie clips from shoes, guns, glasses, arrows, boats and many more as well as standard colour clips also. When using a coloured tie clip its important that this works in with the outfit colours

– Socks. For those who are not aware sock game is important. The same rules here are those that apply to pocket squares. Either you are reserved and stick to your basic subtle colours matching in with the outfit, or you want to go bold with some really bright patterns that don’t necessarily fit in with the outfit.

– Watches and bracelets. These elements are also important, in particular the watch. A decent watch is the trademark of success and that of a gentlemen. I’m not saying you need a Rolex but a decent watch is a must. A watch can be easily paired with one or two bracelets for another style element that will help you stand out in the crowd.

– Lapel pin. This is a further element that can be used to state your style point however, be weary of too many items and them not working as a whole. For example you would not use a novelty tie clip and novelty lapel pin, this will clash. A simple small flower lapel pin matched in colour with another part of the outfit is the safest bet. Or, go a novelty lapel pin and use a straight coloured tie clip.

In terms of autumn colours that will be big this season look for royal blue, claret red, brown landscape tones, cherrywood and mauve.

Layering will be a big hit this autumn and winter so for guys its about overcoats on top of suits and buttoned vests and cardigans under suit jackets. Scarves will also be a big part of the season.

So get down to your favourite menswear store ( Peter Shearer Menswear is my favourite) pic up some bits and pieces and raise your style profile because looking good is feeling good.